Our Story

Who Are We

Maz is a leading Saudi company that is unique in providing a rich and diverse package of different services, which include (last mile logistics services - specialized protective clothing - testing and checking electrical cables - providing specialized equipment services - providing professional manpower services).

This is according to a developed methodology characterized by providing services in accordance with the highest international quality standards while following a policy of continuous professional development to keep pace with the needs of customers and provide distinguished services that exceed their aspirations in that scope, and this is what made it among the giant companies in this field within a short period of time.

Our Vision

Through our partnership with our clients, we seek to be their first choice at the regional level by providing professional services in this field that meet their needs and contribute to the development of their businesses and institutions, according to an innovative approach that depends on hard work, continuous development and the creation of a new boom in the services provided to achieve the maximum possible benefit.

Our Message

Let our team provide you with our talents, according to a framework of dedication and achievement in providing exceptional services by harnessing all our technical and creative expertise to develop your business.

Our Objectives

We seek to be a major success partner and an inspiring supporter for all our customers by enabling them to achieve the goals they aspire to reach and providing the necessary support to them to the fullest extent by rising to the fore in the field of last mile services to provide an unconventional logistical service that contributes to your growth and development of your business.

In addition to providing promision and innovative electrical solutions for the electrical construction buseinss sector, and developing the field of specialized clothing products to raise its efficiency and the level of professional protection for all workers in the targeted sectors.

Our Values


What matters is that we offer your a 1000 minute service, all the details you need to see that distinguish us from the rest of our competitors


We are keen on felxibility between us and you. There are many options that suit your new developments and your nascent desires


We were keen to innovate for you, to adapt our expertise and skills to create innovative services that are more advanced and appropriate to your problems you face


We hope to have come close to a believable service, and this is what we have set our sights on since our first day


We always provides a service according to international quality in a reigional dress .. this is our convenant with you