Our Services


Last Mile Logistics

Speed, reliability, and accuracy are the addresses of our service, as they are the last stages of the supply chain journey and the most sensitive and impactful on the customer


Providing Specialized and Administrative Protective Clothing

When looking at the equation of work elements, the human being is the most important of these elements, and therefore we were keen to provide the best possible products that help your team perform its work without compromising quality and suitability for different working conditions such as (arc protection suit - CAT2 protective clothing for workers - shirts for the management team).


Providing Electrical Testing, Inspection, and Fault Finding Services

The search for reliability and efficiency of electrical work performance is achieved through testing and examination to ensure that it achieves the standards in the quality of implementation and performance. Therefore, we created electrical cable testing services (L.V - M.V - H.V) to reach the aspirations of our specialized customers, and in addition support them in identifying faults and problems when they occur.


Providing Logistical Support Services in Modern Specialized Equipment

We provide the necessary heavy equipment and operators for any of the qualitative construction and development projects to facilitate the work of our customers (forklifts - cranes or the like).


Providing Specialized Manpower and Professional Work Teams

The possibility of providing any of the work teams according to the specializations required of the client to raise the productivity of the business and the administrative load of the field work teams to enable the client to focus on other aspects of his business.